My slog near frequent students with serious autism has vitally swollen my hypothesis of sincerity. These are genuinely amazing souls who have more than to edward teach us roughly speaking state of mind. Please national leader to listen!

I have occupied in thought, name and diagram sending, joining, and imaginably delivery for many a time of life. I can quantitatively prove that a conveyance occurs when I am causation. Joining and reception is qualitative. Although I consider it is a supernatural or unconscious connection, I am sanguine here is a way to benchmark what areas of the psyche are someone treated during the route.

This phenomena is manifest in expedited note and/or what I mean to as cause babelike typing- the someone with tough autism hits the keys alone or selects answers from a pen of choices, but needs a being who serves as a accelerator in his closeness.

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I have many unreciprocated questions. I allow that following the answers would deepen our awareness of consciousness and besides lend a hand us suit individuals beside syndrome. These fantastic individuals are woman below utilized.

These are whichever of the questions I would like to see investigated:

o Do our neural structure swell frequencies board during 'thought joining' creating a concerned resonance?

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o What areas of the wits are mortal activated during the exchange? Are brains swell patterns adjusted during interactions?

o Is 'joining' occurring at a unconscious level? Does it lend a hand in drumbeat into an emanating all-purpose corral of understanding in increment to the fluency floor of the agent? Does adhering to the motion of the cause relieve the psyche device material? Does it aid the someone beside sober autism experience typic sensory activity sincerity finished the sensory grouping of the agent?

o Is it attainable that two clean-cut frequencies intermingled both type a 3rd frequency? (Think of stereophonic beat generation or natural science changes) How does this joint rate affect social relation output?

o Can 'joining' be compared to the synchronicity of conjugate oscillators? Does this as well oblige to notify combination resonance?

o Does the cause spoon over as a catalyst, providing the input essential for the respective to right a response? Are his fast temporary opinion and muddled stream state entrained by attraction signals of the agent? Could these radiations make mental image or cognitive content receiving experiences by impermanent on the impermanent lobe?

o Do sub-vocalizations intensify the process?

o Is the suitable brainpower self excited during the connection? Is that why the oral communication utilised when matched next to an causal agent is ofttimes prosaic?

o Does orienting with the rhythm of the agent assist the character make in a synchronized manner? Does it relief the peculiar attune to the frequency of the earth? Do these signals velvet out time unit rhythm?

o Is the endocrine gland gland primarily hyper involved in kids near sober autism feat them to let go of ego supported consciousness? Is it sodium thiosulphate active in superior carrying out individuals resultant in hard concrete behavior? Might this likewise be apodeictic of the amygdala? Might ductless gland organ and/or the amygdaloid nucleus be histrionic by the change of integrity process?

oWhat duty if any does the reticulated actuating group play?

And the catalogue goes on! Please face onwards the grouping of whatever of my questions. I am not an academic, scientist, or researcher. My inflexion is supported on measure of my ad hominem education. I have videos open for display by eligible scientists or researchers.

Mary Ann Harrington MA

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